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Ever wake up some mornings and feel like you are fighting a losing battle all by yourself as a caregiver for your loved one or patient?

Or do you know a caregiver that you would like to help but you personally don’t know anything of significance about caregiving?

Maybe you have some basic questions about something in your caregiving circle and would like to get an unbiased opinion from others more experienced, without calling on the doctors or nurses every day and who may be comparatively occupied.

Here are links to sites, people, resources and products that I have found to be the very credible, trustworthy and low cost.

My mission is to ease the burden of the overburdened – and highlight how caregivers have a very honorable occupation. 

Lastly we'll soon explore important reputable opportunities that can be profitable online while working from a home environment, that will give you some extra cash flow or allow you to retire early.

If anything above sounds useful or interesting this could be a good site for you. 

However,  if nothing catches your fancy it isn’t your cup of tea and I don't want to waste your time.

 Thank you for your short visit, however please mention us if you think somebody could draw a benefit from my website.           

What Our Customers Say. . . 

"During especially difficult times I could always count on Glenn finding us an answer that made life better for my Grandma".

Even though caring for my grandmother hasn't always been an easy transition, I found various resources here that eased the burden. 

  We are finding more time available for experiencing a happy life together, with her living with us now, despite the occasionally added burden.   

I do recommend this useful resource for other families needs as well.

Sally  Peterson //  Homemaker

I have enjoyed using this resource and recommend to anyone caring for an elderly person at home. 

 Sometimes its difficult or quite time consuming to look for smart answers while assisting others with an elderly or ill loved one at home.  

Personally, I've found Glenn a knowledgeable asset and very friendly whenever I or a friend needed some help.


Dr. Duyilemi A. Felix //  http://duyilemifelix.com.ng/

Meet Glenn

Glenn Lapoint is an energetic blogger, caregiver, author and a native of Washington State in the USA.

He has worked for over 10 years as a trained Certified Nursing Assistant or "CNA" in the health care delivery system, in several professional healthcare settings and Home Care agencies.  

Previous to that he enjoyed working on a extensive production line, building power supplies for a global producer of alternative power until factory production shifted overseas in 2005.

 Glenn’s currant interests include: watching action movies, attending computer educational training courses, volunteering for ARC reading whenever possible and he enjoys staying fit through low impact exercise and riding his motorcycle on day long adventures.

  He welcomes sharing caregiver and hopeful authors advice that’s useful, emphatic and effective in today’s world.

Shopping last month

A trip to a famous game farm in 2017 where I found an alert bear buddy to feed some bread slices by "tossing them", with steering wheel firmly gripped and my foot on the gas pedal "just in case".

I currently enjoy riding a well weathered and traveled dual sport motorcycle.  

Its small in stature, easy to maintain, excellent on fuel / oil and quite responsive if needed.

I've actually logged over 400 miles on a long weekend.

These simple machines still have fans worldwide, for a wide multitude of reasons. 

My awesome niece visited us this fantastic summer of 2019. 

We had a fun time for several days, simply shopping, sightseeing, and traveling to several tourist destinations.

 It’s sometimes sad at how fast time flies and welcomed visitors have to proceed with their travel plans.

We got to visit several famous shops, our local casino, and its matching hotel.

Here my niece found a fresh waterfall to drink from.

Our yard and driveway got a quick rake/up and some fresh flowers and balloons to help celebrate the occasion. 

Everyone is  following me while   I point out the various gaming areas inside the huge casino. 

A 2012 visit to the world famous Seattle Space Needle.

 I always enjoy visits to Seattle and its landmarks as its so diverse.

Since then we have had many new neighbors move here including Amazon which make it even more exciting. 

Always a fan of quiet times here I found a old empty picnic table in the Spring on a bay in Puget Sound in 2011.

I am waiting for the J-pod of Orca's to swim by - of course I didn't get to see them - but the fresh air and sunlight seemed especially reinvigorating. 

Here we found an primitive camping site in Washington State not found on any map.

It was over 100 miles to the nearest large city of any substance.

 I can't think of a better way to spend a long vacation weekend.  

We were surrounded by animals, and even the huge trout that were jumping out of the water were simply awesome. 

Since I've started I have received plenty of positive feedback.

My goal is to grow this endeavor until it affects every corner on earth where a caregiver may be helping their loved one.

Won't you help - in some way?  


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