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Glenn, is an author, publisher, entrepreneur, caregiver and student of life.

His happiness comes by living life to the fullest and giving back to others in any way possible.

I have become enthralled with personal development and living a more meaningful life and want to pass along my insights so that I can help others as well.

 When I am not spending time with my family I enjoy volunteering and advancing my community however I can.

Hi I'm Glenn, 

Its great to meet you. My vision is to help fellow caregivers achieve meaning and purpose in their environment and offer resources that may smooth the often difficult road of caregiving itself.

In  return its hoped you will experience a renewed feeling of energy, purposeful action and positive momentum.  

For the socially active visitors we need your valuable feedback in order to reach out to fellow caregivers who may be struggling somewhere in their daily labors.

"Together we can do this"

There are various ways we can improve our lives and those around us.

Proper education is paramount and even something as minor as getting enough sleep can make a difference, to those around you.

Here are 3 awesome ways to get help and share with others.

Share with one another what has worked for you in the past 

Think you have nothing to share - think again.

Many people would love to benefit from your knowledge and experience.

They would gain so much from it.                

Locate valuable resources for yourself or client base.

Discover things online or in your own community that may save a lot of time. 

Free tip sheet for Home Care laborers  

Its true - Home Care is always searching for hard workers, but what about future options including building some financial stability in your future? 

I put together several exciting ideas in a free tip sheet, that other caregivers have used to stay healthy and increase their income - all while still working from home or office! 

"I keep coming here for important information I need  occasionally "

"I find it so helpful having someone in my court once in a while. This website is a fantastic resource and I often recommend it to my friends!"

Annie Baxter   

Everyone has a questions- see our new FAQ section-coming soon!

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 I am almost willing to bet that you didn't know that I have a new series of books (coming soon) all about Home care! 

They are meant to take a caregiver quickly through the various stages of home care. This could be caring for an elderly friend, spouse or someone fresh out of the hospital and give the potential caregiver some background information to smooth the road for a faster recovery of the patient.

Or you may be considering a home care employment position and like a preview of what to expect short or long term. 

Book 1 is hot off the press and can be ordered through Amazon.  Here are a few extracts from Book 1.

The Ultimate Caregiver at Home Manual, Book 1 in paperback  or Kindle format. Watch this space for Book 2 coming soon!

1. In the beginning its hard to know what should be the first steps taken for someone about to enter the Caregiving world, whether as a patient or caregiver. 

Don't worry - Chapter 1 is designed to bring you up to speed.   

On page 20, I discuss how most medical care professionals choose to begin the process.

Often its best to contact an home care business, especially for someone unfamiliar with the changes in the medical community over the last 5 years. 

Quoting from Book 1, " I recommend that you enlist help from this type of organization to help yourself and your loved one live a more fulfilling and rewarding life.  

However, before calling anyone, you should consider making a "list" of what assistance you and the patient may require and the skills which may be needed so you can clearly communicate your needs to the organization to ensure they understand what is considered necessary.   

1. Read more

2. What many people don't often realize about caregivers in general, is your personal health can sometimes be put into jeopardy if you're not being careful. 

As duties climb your own mental and physical health are sometimes taxed to the limit and beyond.

Learn critical warning signals along with methods other caregivers have successfully combated stress and burnout in the beginning of Chapter 2. 

In the book on page 25, I discuss ways Caregiving has changed and why its so important to care for yourself, and how to find help with the many tasks. 

Quoting from Book 1, " Caregiving at home is very different from what it was in the past.

Today we often have huge responsibilities in addition to caregiving such as full-time employment, a demanding boss, meeting deadlines, commuting in rush-hour traffic, and supporting various community responsibilities. 

Often in the background for Caregivers are university level studies, children, and a rewarding career that needs support.

2. Read more

To read more about Book 1, already an Amazon #1 Best Seller in its first month of release or order a personal copy for yourself or a friend, go directly to Books. 

          A satisfied customers review
Symon Cope    5.0 out of 5 stars   

Who cares for the carers      18 August 2019      Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Glenn Lapoint beautifully and simply describes all the needs a vulnerable person may have when a decision is made to manage their physical care in the home to maintain peoples dignity, respect and, admittedly, to minimize the workload and stress on an otherwise overloaded health care system.

  It covers all areas of concern from assessing a person's needs and wants, not excluding their personal contribution to their own help and demands, as well as the health and well-being of a carer.

  The issues surrounding those we care for and carer-givers are wholly Universal. I've worked in this industry for many many years in an emergency response capacity and every page contains something useful and enlightening as well as heartwarming.   Glenn's understanding is obvious, his compassion to be applauded, and his solutions easy to fulfill and to be admired.

  This manual is a must for people who may be thinking they're on a precipice of worry for their loved ones and the choices they need to make about their home-care. It's reassuring and demystifies.

A great manual that helps to prepare us for what's to come and how we can manage and solve very difficult and life-changing problems. Apart from that it's a cracking good read.

Can't Wait? Get the paperback book right now (from Amazon)

Just around the bend, is awesome Book 2 in the Successful Caregiving Series. .

Watch this space for updates. 

This awesome poem recently comes from a friend, who would like to share it with you.   I thought it was very well done so here goes.   Its about various things she has endured for many years.                 glenn   7/17/2020 

It’s difficult to explain

There’s a tumor in my brain

Although it doesn’t cause pain

On my hearing it puts a strain

Bells Palsy makes my face to look droopy

So when you see me, don’t think I’m loopy

Blepharospasms causes my eyes to blink

No, at you I did not wink!

A cornea transplant    

In my right eye

Thankfully donated corneas

Are abundant in supply

Degenerate joint disease

A fancy name for arthritis

Arthur introduced his

Cousin bursitis

My hip replacement went okay

Then off to rehab and therapy

My trusty walker wouldn’t you know

We only go one speed – slow!          

A cyst was removed

From my back

It made my leg feel

Like it was under attack

My old home town MD

He came to the house to see me

He didn’t need a pedigree

Or a business manager to collect his fee

I though menopause meant pause

I wonder about that because

Here I sit sweating in my clothes

Watching out the window while it snows

I feel nauseous

In my tummy there’s a lump

One thing for sure I know

It’s not a baby bump!

Bunions and shoes

Don’t go together

Yet, I can’t choose one

Without the other

By Bev Kingen

Again, I sincerely wish you a cordial Welcome.

 If you have ever been a  caring Caregiver you may have felt underappreciated at times.

Out of all the various career paths I have set upon, caregiving has the highest rewards. It also has very difficult moments.

 We often must do what we can and hope for the best!

My vision is that this "website" will help All Caregivers come together and help each other.  Its definitely a work in progress or "WIP" and everyone is welcome to toss in their 2 cents worth.

How to contribute? Well, there is a blog that needs posts and a Facebook group that needs support if you feel drawn that way and would like to share valuable contributions.

My only rule is to keep everything safe and respectable for the family's reading, so pretend you're talking to your mom while writing. No offensive remarks in other words.

Next - most things here are "FREE", by design. I have met very few wealthy caregivers and live a simple un-adorned life myself, and grasp the fact that we need to help ourselves quite often.

So go ahead and take full advantage of everything here you can, - its created for and by Caregivers, just like yourself.

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